About Physio Solutions
Hong Kong

We are a physiotherapy centre conveniently located in Causeway Bay, providing Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Pilates, as well as Strength and Rehabilitation coaching.

We apply the most appropriate treatment method combined with relieve and strengthening programme, ensuring the most effective outcome is achieved. Our team upholds the mission in:

  • Physical activity enhancement
  • Functional movement recovery
  • Muscle strength improvement

We welcome you to stay behind after the treatment for some workouts, from treadmill, recumbent bike, pulley to reformer. Below are some common injuries or health issues treated by our Physiotherapists


Acute, Chronic Musculoskeletal Injury

(Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Knee Injury)


Overuse Syndrome

(Tennis Elbow, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, DeQuervain, Trigger Finger)


Sports Injuries

(Ankle Sprain, Jumper’s Knee, ACL/PCL Rehabilitation, Meniscus & Collateral Ligament Tear)


Posture Correction

(Scoliosis, Dowager Hump, Pelvic Tilt)


Pre-Operative Preparation and Post Surgery Rehabilitation


Child Development

About Our Physiotherapist –
Cheung Kin Ching, Michael (張建正)

Michael has over 20 years of experience practising physical therapy, he graduated from the Chicago Medical School – Rosalind Franklin University and has accumulated tremendous experience working at public hospitals in Chicago and in Hong Kong.

Michael has received certification from numerous professional bodies, including Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA USA). He is experienced in treating common training problems like muscle control, soft tissues dysfunction and muscle weaknesses.

He is a certified Kinesio Taping practitioner and provides Strain & Counter Strain, as well as Muscle Activation Technique treatments. Michael was formerly the Sports Physiotherapist of The Hong Kong Sports Institute and represented Hong Kong in world-class sports events including the Olympic and Asian Games, providing elite athletes with physiotherapy treatments. He also worked as the Voluntary Physiotherapist for the Physically Disabled at the Paralympic Games.

Click below button to watch Michael sharing his journey and milestones as the Physiotherapist of Team Hong Kong at international and national sporting events.

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